Vanity predictions for target call N7XB

ApplicationReceipt DateProcess DateCallStateSeqVanityPredictionChance(%)
00102091042022-09-192022-10-07N6LOQWA2N7XBToo Early/Expired
00102149742022-09-222022-10-12KE7INBNV2N7XBToo Late0
00102155692022-09-232022-10-12KA7TRBWA1N7XBToo Late0
00102160022022-09-232022-10-12W8COOOH1N7XBInsufficient Class

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Prediction accuracy estimated to ±0.4% via 50,000 iterations of Monte Carlo simulation.
Predicted based on FCC ULS data at 2022-10-03 16:50:07 UTC — applications as of 2022-09-30; licenses as of 2022-10-01

Disclaimer: outcomes not guaranteed; not responsible for actions taken based on data or predictions.
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